AFK PSC-1800W Cyclone (bagless) Vacuum Cleaner

$80.00 $50.00

محرك بقوة  1800 واط يولد ما يصل الى 400 واط من طاقة الشفط لنتائج مميزة و مثالية في التنظيف

 تتميز بتكنولوجيا سيكلون التي تفصل الهواء و الغبار و تحافظ على قوة الشفط بنحو متناسق لفترة طوية

بثلاث خطوات يتم تفريغ الغبار بسهولة تامة  تقوم إزالة الخزان  بضغطة زر وتفريغها في الحاوية بدون أي ضجة او تسبب فوضى

يمكنكم مشاهدة الفيديو في الاسفل

Powerful 1800-watt motor for optimum cleaning results
This powerful 1800 Watt motor generates up to 400 watts of suction power for excellent cleaning results.

Cyclone technology separates air and dust
The Cyclone technology ensures highly efficiency in 3 steps in one action for optimal cleaning results:
1. The straight, smooth air enters the air quickly in the PowerCyclone.
2. The curved air passage accelerates the ascending airflow in the cyclonic chamber.
3. At the top of the cyclonic chamber, the substance is effectively separated from the air through the exhaust blades.

Lasting suction power
The technology of the cyclone filter keeps the suction power of this vacuum cleaner AFK prolonged at a high level, while the average vacuum cleaner quickly loses suction when the bag or filter becomes full.

Dust Empty tank in three easy steps
Often emptying the dust filter is the least pleasant chore. Not the easy to clean dust container from AFK. In three easy steps, the job is done. Press the button, then remove the container and empty it in one movement. No fuss, no mess … you don’t want start over again


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