shaving machine from AEG

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  الة حلاقة الشعر الانيقة ذو مقبض مريح من شركة ايه ايي جي الالمانية

انها امنة ومثالية في القص و تعمل لوقت طويل دون تعب

تتميز بعدة دراجات للقص ب 4 قطع من المرفقات بعدة  أطوال (0- 3- 6-9مم)

رؤوس مصنوعة من ستانلي ستيل يمكن ازالتها للتنظيف




Sleek hair trimmer for many applications.   The compact design , combined with lofty materials featuring this hair trimmer . Entirely this technical masterpiece is perfected by a variety of accessories . With a remarkable condition of this hair trimmer can be operated without tiring. This can be completed safely in a tour even consuming cutting , shaving or shearing work .   The 4 steps to ensure that you can run wild with the adjustable cutting lengths of 0-9 mm and your creativity with the ergonomic handles and stainless steel precision shaving head you can easily reach a perfect and even cutting result.


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