Einhell steel welder 150 ampere

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Einhell steel welder
inverter welder has ample power and infinitely controllable welding current for performing arc welding jobs with clean results. By using the most modern inverter technology, this welder weighs only 5.8 kg. This and its compact dimensions make it the ideal helper on mobile assignments. With a separately available TIG torch, it can also be used for shielding gas welding. The BT-IW 150 delivers a welding current of 20 to 150 A and can be used with electrodes up to 4 mm thick. Long work sessions are also possible thanks to a fan cooling system. Effective protection against overheating is provided by a thermostat out with pilot lamp. Accessories include an earth terminal and an electrode holder, which can be connected to the BT-IW 150 by a quick-lock coupling. For user-friendly transportation there is a carrying strap.

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