AEG – Lady Beauty Set Manicure/Pedicure Lady Shaver & Trimmer

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ليدي بيوتي سيت مجموعة العناية  بجمال الجسم . لها عدة وظائف مميزة تجديها بثلاث اجهزة مختلفة من مجموعة المانيكير و الباديكير و  الة الحلاقة و  تنظيف الحواجب

كل ما تحتاجينه للحصول على الطلة المثالية , تصميم أنيق و عملي  يمكن حملها اثناء التنقل

مجموعة مستحضرات التجميل للمانيكير وباديكير يعتني أظافر اليدين والقدمين. هناك ستة ملحقات مختلفة، لتنعيم وتلميع حواف الأظافر ن لإزالة الجلد

الجاف على الكعب .

Lady beauty set 3in1 AEG LBS 5676 is an excellent tool for high-quality body care. Its great advantage is that you can find in the set of three different devices for different treatment. It contains a set of manicure and pedicure, ladies razor and razor eyebrows. Thus, everything they need for a perfect look. Design and also a practical set of pinkish-white color is very compressible, it can take with you on trips or on vacation. Operation is simple instruments, their operation is ensured by using 1.5V AA batteries.


Cosmetic set for manicure and pedicure takes care of fingernails and toenails. There are six different extensions, such as polishing attachment for smoothing and polishing the edges of the nails after filing, fine grinding attachment or coarse sanding attachment for removing horny and dry skin on heels. Manicured nails as well as perfectly adapted feet belong to the basic cosmetic treatment, so good kit for a manicure and pedicure not miss any woman.


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