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Bathroom Handheld Extender

Bathroom Handheld Extender

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This multifunctional handheld sink hose sprayer set includes a set of handheld shower head, faucet diverter gate, hose holder and shower head. Connects to existing bathroom or kitchen sink for easy faucet spray washing. This faucet sprayer set is multi-purpose and perfect for dog showering, pet bathing, hair washing, newborn baby washing, elderly and family care, bucket filling, bidet cleaning, kitchen sink washing.


Wear-resistant, high quality and built-in, strong corrosion resistance. Designed with a large water flow channel without flow restriction. A metal handle lever rotates smoothly to convert water flow between hand shower and faucet aerator. Two switching methods: Press to discharge water, no press to discharge water

Long Telescopic Shower Hose: The elastic telescopic shower hose is made of premium ABS material, non-toxic, high pressure resistant and durable to use


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