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Closet and Drawer Organizer

Closet and Drawer Organizer

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·        High-quality material: This sock storage box is made of soft fabric and has a built-in PP hard plate, which is not easy to deform and pleasant to the touch. It does not damage the socks and the soft fabric prevents scratches or damage to the items stored in the reservoir.

·        20 Compartments with Large Space: The product includes a sock storage box with a total of 20 compartments, which can hold many socks and save space and help organize.

·        Fan design: each compartment is separate and can effectively organize and classify socks, so you can easily find or take out the socks you want.

·        Comfortable storage: This storage box can be stored in the wardrobe or in other areas such as under the bed. After use, it can be folded for easy storage and use.

·        Multifunctional: This storage box can simultaneously hold different types of socks such as sports socks, thick socks, short socks, stock organize. In addition, it can also be used for storing other small items.


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