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IGLOO-Wheeled Cooler

IGLOO-Wheeled Cooler

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 Durable housing made of types of plastic that are resistant to damage and increased loads.

• Triple-snap Drainplug System - Snap-on plastic drain valve to remove liquid or condensation from the chamber, useful when cleaning the container. The valve is equipped with a plastic ring that secures it to the drain neck to prevent loss.
• Side molded handles for comfortable movement of the container.
• Plastic wheels on a steel axle.
• The telescopic handle with a locking button unfolds in two positions.
• Four lid-integrated cup holders that fit most standard bottles and cans.
• Cool Riser Technology™ - The bottom of the container has a special shape that imitates legs. Thanks to this design, contact with heated surfaces is eliminated and the space under the container is ventilated, which allows you to maintain the temperature inside the chamber longer.
• “UV protection” — The container body is made of plastic that is resistant to ultraviolet rays.

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