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Laundry Rack

Laundry Rack

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  • Laundry rack

  • IDEAL FOR LARGE FAMILIES: Adjustable hanging system with 5 bars for easy drying space, enabling you to wash various clothes and garments. It can also work on balconies, windows, showers or over doors

  • DURABLE & STURDY: Made of plastic-coated steel that provides plenty of drying space and heat resistance that can easily deal with the hottest radiator or sunlight

  • PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: It can be easily moved around from room to room, outside or wherever you need to dry your favourite clothes and is ideal for those places with limited drying space

  • Also, it folds flat for easy storage

  • NON SLIP: Safe and cleverly designed with non slip gripped toppers allowing you to dry clothes worry free without the stand falling over or any marks being left behind on your radiators. Plus, it fits in with the aesthetic of any room

  • size: 68 x 38 cm
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