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LUX TOOLS - drill and chisel set 20 pieces

LUX TOOLS - drill and chisel set 20 pieces

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  • LUX TOOLS – drill and chisel set 20 pieces
  • The high-quality LUX-TOOLS drill and chisel set offers professional equipment for drilling and chiseling. It is suitable for professional and clean renovation and assembly work on walls and walls.
  • In addition to a robust pointed chisel, a practical flat chisel is also included. The chisels are ideally suited for chiseling work as part of demolition and demolition work. The flat chisel has an extra flat cutting edge for effective prying. The pointed chisel has a pointed end for targeted attachment and selective chiselling. In addition, the set contains 18 drill bits.

  • With different diameters of 4 mm – 12 mm, the lengths are 110 mm and 160 mm. The stable drill bits are used for precise drilling for assembly purposes.
  • They are equipped with soldered hard metal plates and each have two cutting edges.
  • The tools are ideal for masonry, natural stone and concrete. SDS-Plus mount, it can be replaced quickly and without tools.

  • includes:

-10 x drills (110 mm): 2 x Ø 4 mm / 2 x Ø 5 mm / 3 x Ø 6 mm / 3 x Ø 8 mm

-8 x drills (160 mm): Ø 5 mm / 2 x Ø 6 mm / 2 x Ø 8 mm / 2 x Ø 10 mm / Ø 12 mm

-1 x flat chisel (140mm)

-1 x pointed chisel (140 mm)

  • made in germany
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