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Parkside - Booster Pump 1200 Watt

Parkside - Booster Pump 1200 Watt

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  • PARKSIDE – Booster pump
  • Pump for automatic water supply with water from springs and reservoirs
  • Also suitable for watering the garden
  • Maintenance-free 1200 watt electric motor with 50 meter delivery head
  • High quality 24 l stainless steel pressure tank
  • With splash-proof switch to turn on/off
  • Constant pressure for an always available water supply
  • Pump with strainer basket – improves water quality and prevents contamination of the pump
  • Easy emptying with a twist lock
  • Pressure gauge with bars and PSI scale
  • 3 bar preset stop pressure
  • Sturdy feet with holes for easy fixing
  • Convenient carry handle

  • Technical information
    • Power: 1200W
    • Max flow: 5000 l / hour
    • Max head: 50m*
    • Max suction height: 8m

  • includes:

Adapter for non-return valve

-Special key for opening the filter cover

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