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Power Resistance Bands

Power Resistance Bands

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  • Power Resistance Bands

  • POWER RESISTANCE BAND is a Body Building Fitness Equipment Resistance Band Set.

  • It includes 5 Different Levels of Resistance, include- Black(30 lbs), Blue(25 lbs),Red(20 lbs),Green(15 lbs),Yellow(10 lbs)

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: it is used for Strengthening Muscle, Stretching, Cross fit, Home Fitness, Strength Training, Physical Therapy

  • DIFFERENT LEVELS AND CAN BE COMBINED: This band has Different resistance bands that you can easily use according to the level you want to set These bands can be used individually or stacked in any combination, and you can get training with different strengths whenever you want

  • FITNESS HELPER: Resistance band training is very effective for burning fat and increasing muscle strength

  • Easy soft grip handle helps in strengthening arms and shoulders and Ankle grip strengthens legs

  • comes with a convenient bag
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