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RAF- Lint Remover

RAF- Lint Remover

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·       This device provides an excellent shaving experience, gets rid of hairballs and lint in seconds!

·       Thanks to its powerful motor and precision blades, this lint remover guarantees superior performance. It glides effortlessly over your fabrics, effectively removing lint and pilling. Make your clothes look fresh and new in no time.

·       Main Features:

       3 stainless steel shaves: The shaving head allows quick and easy shaving designed for all types of clothing fabrics, in addition, the device will stop working automatically once the cover is opened

       Powered by built-in cable, portable and convenient, no more annoying wire getting tangled

-        Lightweight: This portable lint brush is faster and easier to use than a lint brush, works much better than sticky tape, ideal for home, office or travel. Just add it to your purse or cosmetic bag.


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