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Rechargeable Flash Light

Rechargeable Flash Light

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  • Super Bright Flashlight: This unique high lumen LED rechargeable flashlight can illuminate the front and side lights. Unlike other exaggerated flashlights, this LED flashlight can truly be widely used in emergency situations, camping, night hiking, fishing, and hunting.

  • COB Side Lights: The rechargeable flashlight has undergone a brand new upgrade, with soft lighting that is not dazzling. It can be used as a flashlight, camping lamp, desk lamp, etc.

  • Breakthrough Design: Portable and convenient hook and lock design, angle of use, freeing hands.
    Life grade waterproof: This life waterproof tactical flashlight is made of high-quality ABS material, with a specially thickened waterproof ring and circuit insulation protection design. Even on rainy days, it can't stop your pace and is often suitable for home or outdoor emergencies.

  • Mechanical Telescopic Zoom: You will receive a functional flashlight with a wide angle and a large floodlight area for switching between far and near. You will be pleasantly surprised by its brightness, quality, lifespan, and performance.

  • Fast Charging: The charging speed is one step faster, saving you electricity time.
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