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Sky Viper - Drone

Sky Viper - Drone

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A true bird's eye, the UL Certified Sky Viper HD Video Drone flies high in the sky and lets you see the world from exciting new angles. Whether you are just getting into drones or are an expert flyer, you can log hours of fun flying this drone indoors or outdoors. You have the power to capture breathtaking video in incredible high-definition for 20 minutes at a time. Zoom through the sky and snap a 360-degree panoramic capture of life from above and go all out with one-touch stunts like barrel rolls mid-flight for extra cool footage. You'll never miss a moment of the action as it records 720p of pictures and video with improved control range, direct drive motors, and improved thrust to weight ratio. This drone features state-of-the-art flight assist with auto launch, auto land, and auto hover to help you create the ultimate flying experience. You are the new pilot in town, so fly around, capture awesome moments in the air, and reach new heights with the Sky Viper Drone.

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