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  • 2 IN 1 Electric Inflation/Deflation Pump: This electric pump can not only inflate, but also exhaust. Electric Pumps with 2 replaceable plugs , suitable for indoor and outdoor, family and For car use; it can inflate and deflate most inflatable mattresses, swimming pools, rafts, sofas, bathtubs, water beds, boats, swimming pool toys, swimming rings, etc. Additional deflation design can be used for compression bag for saving time.


  • 3 Interchangeable Nozzles to Choose: High-performance Electric Air Pump with 3 universal nozzles suitable for various sizes of inflation And deflated products, no need to buy other pumps. Size L is suitable for mattresses and inflatable boats; Size M is suitable for inflatable small beds and inflatable seats; Size S is suitable for inflating small toys or inflatable swimming rings. ATTENTION: NOT USED FOR needle valved products, like BALLOON, BASKETBALL, BIRTHING BALL, TIRE.



  • Quick Electronic Air Pump: Save Time & Effort: Electronic Air Pump can quickly inflate. You can easily fill an air mattress in about 30 seconds. Designed to save your time and energy! Our air pump is equipped with a 1m plug and a 1.2m cigarette lighter plug, You can easily connect it in the car on the cigarette lighter. (Note: It is best not to work continuously for more than 10 minutes to avoid overheating)


  • Safe, Portable, Compact Air Pump: air pump has undergone strict quality inspection procedures to ensure quality. The movement is made of pure copper (long service life). It has anti-overcharge protection function to prevent toys from exploding. The height of the air pump is only 12 cm, exquisite and small. Portable design.


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