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Turbo Flex

Turbo Flex

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  • Turbo Flex 360 quickly upgrades your ordinary faucet into a flexible hands-free sprayer with extended reach!
    The dual function Stream & Spray makes for easier cleaning of odd size objects and rinsing out the sink.

  • Great for rinsing fruits and veggies, filling tall vases, shampooing hair and more.
    Provides 360 degree range of motion and attaches easily without tools to fit most standard-sized faucets.
  • The flexible hose that swivels 360 degrees

  • Works great as a hands-free sprayer

  • Cuts cleaning time in half
  • Can be used for rinsing fruit, vegetables, or more

  • 2 spray settings

  • Stainless steel chrome finish

  • Quickly connects to most standard faucets
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