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Vileda - Bucket With Mop

Vileda - Bucket With Mop

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  • vileda – bucket with mop

  • bucket characteristics

-High quality and resistant plastic bucket that allows better draining and with less effort;

-Patented product thanks to its easy compression system helps to drain the mop more so that your floor dries more quickly

-It has a stick support that helps transport the bucket with the mop anywhere in the house

-It incorporates some interior rails that concentrate the dirt once the bucket is empty and facilitate its cleaning

-Made with high-quality materials and incorporates an ultra-resistant metal

  • Mop characteristics

-Easy cleaning of tiles and smooth floors

-Cover with Teflon surface protector

-Wipe easier – wash out faster

-Glide easily and effortlessly across the floor

-Powerful cleaning and particularly absorbent

-Easily washable, even at low temperatures

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