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Xindefeng- Meridian Massage Pen

Xindefeng- Meridian Massage Pen

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  • xindefeng- meridian massage pen
  • Has health care function: Acupuncture points will have a sensation of stimulation and vibration in the epidermis, and will feel even more intense when experiencing acupuncture points
  • Immediately after use, it feels relaxed and comfortable
  • This is the electrophysiological stimulus produced by the corresponding visceral cell population of the human body.
  • It is directly made through the bioelectric axis grid
  • Uses the body organization, fundamentally regulates the body’s absorption, conduction, balance, metabolism, immunity and other functions to achieve the purpose of health care

  • Three metal heads:
    -Ball Type: It is more powerful when use and the effect is better

-Oblate shape Type: For large body area, more soft use

-Focus Type: Easy to click on the points in all parts of the body

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